to bring people closer to God by encouraging them through fitness and fashion.
SlimStrength is a Faith Based Sports Apparel Company that is built on Faith Fitness and fashion. We are currently Headquarters in Petersburg Va. SlimStrength was founded in 2018 and spent two years to fine tune our concept. Our goal is to provide the highest quality apparel that is durable and supports longevity no matter your lifestyle, rather it’s for an high intense workout or just because you want to make an athleisure statement.

SlimStrength was conceived in 1999 by a statement that I heard by Coach John Thompson Sr. Coach Thompson was talking about Richard “Rip” Hamilton. Rip was drafted by the Detroit Piston; Coach Thompson was really impressed with Rip ability to play. As he continued the conversation that he was having with the person interviewing him, he began to describe the type of player Rip was and how he was able to hold his own on the court. He is not that tall, and he is not that big proclaim Coach Thompson, but he has that “SLIMSTRENGTH” those word immediately resonated with my entire being and that is how SlimStrength was born.

At that time, I had no idea what SlimStrength was and had no idea that it was going to be a sports apparel company. I knew I had a concept; I just didn’t know what I had. 9 years will go by before I even got revelation of what SlimStrength was. I was in prayer with SlimStrength heavy on my heart. I kept saying Slim Strength, Slim strength and as clearly as you are hearing yourself read this, I heard Spirit Lives In Man, and I was like that’s it. So, after years and years of procrastination, 2018 I finally submitted to the vision that God had shown me and now I am running with it. Thank you for taking time to learn about SlimStrength, now let’s activate your SlimStrength together.

spread the good news: apparel with purpose
SlimStrength ActiveWear is so much more than just an apparel company, its apparel with a purpose! A big part of our core value is to Give. We truly believe that it is better to give than to receive.
Serving our community
Connect Our Kids
Growing up I was brought up in the Foster care community, I lived in 4 foster homes and a group home for 6 years. I was always a person that loved to give to others. Whether it is money, time, kindness or a word of encouragement, I was always willing to give. A big part of my heart is geared to serving the foster care community. I am a proud ambassador for an organization that is making every effort to find a home for every foster child in America. Part of SlimStrength proceeds will be going to .

There are more than 100,000 children waiting to be adopted this year in the United States. Connect Our Kids are on a mission to help social workers and child welfare advocates build family trees to discover a permanent loving home for every child in foster care. So not only will you be supporting SlimStrength ActiveWear, you will be also supporting our youth that have been displaced due to foster homes. Thank you for your continual support.
Our Goal as SlimStrength
share the gospel
in one year
Hours Donated
to Charity
give God
all the glory
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