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Never too Late to Start

As an entrepreneur you will have a lot of ups and downs. You will even want to quit or thank about it from time to time. I have learned so much during my process of becoming an entrepreneur. One thing that I learned is this, and that is,

 “It is never to late to start, its only to late to start if you never START”

“Cornelius Johnson”

You may be at a place in your life where you have given up or just flat out quit on your dreams. Take the time and read the quote above again and ponder on it for 30 sec. 

I came up with the latter part of that quote while in college pursuing a degree in Hotel Hospitality Management. My professor at the time had given us an assignment to come up with a personal quote for ourselves. I am sure you have heard that phrase “its never to late to start” well I just added emphasis on it. 

I fell into the doubting and wanting to give up phase several times. I would work on my business for awhile then sit it down for months, pick it back up, sit it down for several more months. This cycle went on for at least 3 years. So not only did I waste time, I was not moving closer to my dreams. But!!! I had the revelation that,

 “its never to late to start, its only to late to start if you never start.

 Understand this there is power in the start over!!! How is that you ask? Well even though I was being inconsistent I was still learning. So I will encourage you to start over and apply what you learned and watch how things move. I encourage you to keep going and for whatever reason if you do quit or give up on your business or dreams just remember this,

“It is never to late to start, Its only to late to start if you never START”

Cornelius Johnson

  • Dec 15, 2020
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